Creative event concepts that will help businesses deliver impactful, memorable experiences!
  1. Secret Events

Curiosity has always been an important concept to attract and maintain the public. That’s why events that keep secrets are increasingly popular.

The key of these events is to keep the location and some instructions in secret until shortly before the event starts to heighten the expectations.

The Lost Lectures

The lost lectures is an underground series of enchanting talks delivered in secret locations. It brings together attendees from ordinary corporate and academic environments and takes them to mysterious hideouts to start a journey full of thought-inspiring experiences.

The secret cinema

Have you ever imagined entering the film screen and start living the story?

This event allows you to co-create the experience by interacting with the on-screen characters. In addition to enjoying a unique atmosphere that matches the venue of the film.

Importantly, everything is kept top secret until the last moment, except some advances about the film, clothing and meeting point.


  1. Silent Conferences

Have you heard about silent conferences?

The new incorporation of wireless headphones in conferences is having a positive acceptance by the audience. This is because it solves some of the most common problems event organisers face:

Lack of breakout space – enable delegates in a single room to break off into smaller groups and uninterruptedly listen to different presentations.

Lack of time – allow to deliver simultaneous presentations and Q&A sessions on different topics.

Lack of attention – enable to broadcast the content straight to your attendees without getting your message lost.

Lack of engagement – allow the audience to choose who they want to listen to, it makes the content more relevant and the event more engaging.


  1. Dedicated Q&A

Importantly, dedicating / spending time on Q&A at a conference. Participants can go home with the answers that they were looking for.

Unfortunately, it rarely happens. This is why we need to boost the profile of them. Delegates send their questions and the speakers answer them during 30 minutes sessions.

As a result, everyone ends up satisfied and happy. Moreover, who wouldn’t want to hear their question addressed by a successful CEO or an influential thought-leader?


  1. Participant – Driven Open Space

Without forgetting what BarCamp co-founder Ryan King said, ‘’there is much more expertise in the audience than there possibly could be onstage.’’ What better way is there to make your event impactful than giving attendees the chance to co-create everything from the beginning?

Open 2017

This is one of the events where the organisers enabled the delegates to propose sessions they wanted to run through Q&A feature. Then, the attendees selected the sessions they wanted to see the most.

The outcome was a much more diverse and engaging event with impactful participant-driven content, who actively participated.


  1. Light-Speed Presentation

How can we improve company’s meeting?

A format devised in Tokyo in 2003 by local creatives was PechaKucha. It’s a presentation format of twenty images, each for 20 seconds, in which speakers talk along to the automatically-advancing images. PechaKucha events:

  • Involve a series of usually 8-15 short stand-up talks.
  • Enable to see “elevator pitches” by the creatives, students or start-ups who want to spread their new innovative ideas.
  • Audiences can get exposed to many inspiring ideas in a short space of time.
  • PechaKucha nights are now held in over 700 cities around the world.

Another similar format is Lightning Talks. They are informal 5-minute presentations, typically scheduled in a single track and useful for quick knowledge-sharing.

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