WWF – Living Planet Report

November 24, 2016

Earlier this month, WWF’s annual Living Planet Report was released. The report highlighted the impact human activity is having on global biodiversity. In addition, it also states how both our own species and others are now at risk.

Saving our planet

The Living Planet Lecture 2016 at the Royal Society was an opportunity to deliver the enormity of the situation. Guest speakers included HRH Prince Charles, Sir David Attenborough and Johan Rockström.

Sounds Commercial were proud to support such a significant and important cause. Our aim was to enhance the events core message with key facts and figures from the report.

“What a way to kick-start what will become a global series. You and your team worked so hard to put on what can only be described as the perfect occasion!”

Lucy Parratt, WWF Senior Engagement Manager 

With striking visuals, set design and motion graphics we were able to produce an impactful and meaningful message. A message which supported the key speakers and resulted in a fluid and seamless presentation.

“I thought it looked, worked and went great! Your team did a great job getting everything ready on time, and there’s been lots of feedback on how smooth and professional the production was.”

Richard Edwards, WWF Head of Content 

It was a pleasure to support WWF with this project. We love doing events such as this and the fact that it’s for a worthy cause makes the experience that much sweeter.

Want to read WWF’s Living Planet Report?

You can read the report for yourself or download it for later here.

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