Set and Scenery Design


Astonishing detail, whatever the scale. We create bespoke sets and backdrops with exceptional artistic flair, transforming your vision to reality; the set and scenery, graphic design, lighting and sound departments work together seamlessly. Our talented team of designers, carpenters, scenery painters, and construction experts work tirelessly to deliver unique and individual sets that really stand out.


Sets can range from elaborate theatrical scenes through to projection mapped sets, incorporating state of the art, innovative technology. We have a wide range of scenes in stock that can be configured to allow motion graphics to be projected, expanding from the screen right across the entire set for that stunning ‘wow!’ factor. We also cater for the roadshow specific sets built to withstand multiple venue adaptations. Whatever your vision we can supply or build, regardless of how quirky, unconventional and unusual. A complex integration of staging technology and scenic treatments ensure simply breath-taking moments!


  • Full conceptual design service
  • Bespoke set build service with our highly experienced team of carpenters and painters
  • 3D visualisation of sets and room layouts
  • Technical drawings for complex sets spanning over 50m
  • Seamless integration of all design elements fabricated on our own site, for efficient delivery
  • Stock scenery in our 24,000sqft construction facility, to cover any budget

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