A day at the Olympics!

January 18, 2017

The champions collecting their medals on the podium.

Last week, we spent the day at the gorgeous Cotswold Water Park, with SHS Group. An Olympics-themed shoot, this wasn’t your typical day in the office. Our three cameramen and athletes battled the cold January weather; facing the great outdoors, they got ready to go for gold!

The Olympics heads to the Cotswolds

With a plethora of events ahead of them, the team at SHS got stuck in right away. They definitely could have given decathletes a run for their money! Despite the cold January air, they weren’t phased in the slightest as the first event was coming up – Kayaking.

It was a race for the ages, our athletes powered through with titanic strength and perseverance – with a close finish, this race had not one, but two champions!

Water sports in January doesn’t sound like the most appealing activity, but that didn’t stop the SHS team. With a successful Kayak race, next up was paddle boarding. Unfortunately, this race was not as successful as its predecessor; we found out the hard way that paddle boarding is a lot more difficult than kayaking!

With the water sports done, it was time to move onto the field athletics. Here, we saw a wide range of sports, with athletes competing in cycling, shot-put, javelin, running and even archery!

The great shot-put

It was a fantastic day, and our studio team are now busy collating and cutting all of the footage in our edit suite. We can’t wait until conference day when we get to see the final product, and perhaps some funny faces from the athletes in the audience!

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