display and backdrop

Business Innovation South Expo – Chilworth Manor

September 16, 2019
display and backdrop

Business Innovation South hosted their first expo this year on the 12th September. Held at the gorgeous Chilworth Manor, Southampton, Sounds Commercial were tasked with creating the signage, print, lighting and an eye-catching central focal point for the event.

As the first expo, branding was key. As delegates and exhibitors walked into the venue, a large graphic wrapped back drop with a plasma centred the room rolling a presentation with information on welcoming them to the event. We created customised gobos to display the logos on the ceiling in the main reception. On colour and pattern rotation, the lighting was perfect to give a tech and innovation feel to the grand manor backdrop and to set the scene for the evening’s reception.

Branded print lined the hallways leading delegates around the expo zones.

In total we had 10 large prints hung around the venue leading the delegates to the various zones and focal points of the event. Smaller prints of event timings were also laid out around key parts of the venue to ensure delegates could plan their day.

Alongside providing services for the event, we also were invited to have our own exhibition stand! Having our services on display around the venue was a great talking point for ourselves and delegates and was a great opportunity to show what we can do here at Sounds Commercial.

Customised gobos lit up the walls and ceiling displaying the Business Innovation South logos.

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