We have a new website!

November 11, 2016


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve finally completed our re-vamp of our website! This has been something that collectively, as a company; we have wanted to do for a long time so we’re very excited to be sharing it after so long.

A new website, a new look

We’ve gone for a completely new design, something cleaner and much more visually focused. We wanted to have something that not only reflected our work but also us, as a company. Luckily, we had the help of the awesome team at Orca; who worked alongside us to create this site. Based in Bristol, the team there consist of young, innovative web designers who really understood the message we were trying to convey.

In conjunction with our new website, we’ve also got a brand new show reel! We’ve done a complete overhaul and our studio team have worked tirelessly to create a much more contemporary reel. We personally love it, and feel that it showcases all of the exciting events we do and also, our dedicated team of staff that are usually behind the camera!

After what seemed like a never-ending period of ‘site construction’ and countless meetings and changes, we’ve finally done it! We’re so excited that we’ve managed to pull together this new website, and we hope that you like it as much as we do.

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