November 17, 2016

Last month, I had the pleasure of taking part in a very unusual networking event… Netwalking!

Mocean, run by Mick Lindsay is a team building and employee engagement company, based out of Bristol and London.  They work with their clients to help motivate, engage and develop their staff. And, do this in a way that takes people not only outside, but outside of their comfort zones.

Netwalking, the new networking?

Mick had the genius idea of getting a group of like-minded Bristol business peeps together for a wet and windy hike on the Mendips. And what a cracking afternoon it turned out to be!

Instead of the usual networking events with the same canapés and same conversations, somehow being outside on the wild hills changed the dynamics quite considerably.  I met and talked at great length with some incredible, talented people, all of whom had interesting stories to tell.

Mocean’s ethos is helping to change behaviours in a fun and engaging environment. A happy team is much better for business and I couldn’t agree more.  I hope that Netwalking takes off and that Mick organises another one soon…I’ll be buying myself some waterproofs!

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