The new home of the Concorde 216, Aerospace Bristol announces first-class event space!

February 24, 2017

At the beginning of the month, Concorde 216 moved to her new home at the region’s new industrial heritage museum, the Aerospace Bristol. Due to open in Filton in summer 2017, Concorde 216 is set to be the centrepiece of the museum. It also has an event space boasting a capacity of up to 500 guests. This fantastic opportunity will allow events to take place right beneath the Concorde’s wings!

We may not know much about Aerospace, but we do know events! We spoke to Matt Willsteed, our Head of Production Design to get his take on what could really make an event there soar.

“Looking through the website, the space totally lends itself to a panoramic projection map along its length! Providing we can fly truss parallel to the aircraft, we can then edge blend projectors side by side. By utilising the fuselage as the projection screen, we can have content floating along it. We can then combine motion graphics of moving clouds, scudding right to left, to simulate the Concorde back in the air.

It may even be possible to drop a huge cyclorama down behind the aircraft, and use that to project some large format panoramas!”

“We could also create the ‘fourth dimension’ by using Glaciator dry ice machines, to fill the dinner space with low-level clouds which can be lit appropriately as the audience enters the room. These clouds can then be blown across the aircraft with giant fans to clear them and reveal the tables so the guests can settle down for dinner. With a space that size, we’re going to need a lot of dry ice!”

With a multitude of exciting new event spaces on the horizon, we can’t wait to get stuck in and see what can be done.

Have your boarding passes at the ready, the Bristol marketplace is about to take off!

(All photos courtesy of Aerospace Bristol)

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