Road Map

7IM’s ‘Back to Radical Common Sense’ roadshow

March 13, 2017
Road Map

Road MapOver the course of February and early March, we spent four weeks with Seven Investment Management (7IM), for their ‘Back to Radical Common Sense‘ roadshow. The roadshow took us all over the country. From Glasgow to Edinburgh, Manchester to Southampton, Bristol to Exeter and then finally Leeds to Leicester.

A spotlight on Seven Investment Management

7IM is a leading, international investment management firm. Based in London, they help individuals, families and advisors to manage their capital. They handle around £11bn of clients’ assets and specialise in discretionary services, funds and model portfolios, among many other things!

With this wealth of experience and knowledge, it was almost a guarantee that the roadshow would be a hit. Unsurprisingly, some of the venues had almost reached capacity before the roadshow had even started! The agenda was absolutely packed with amazing speakers and content.

For the roadshow, we designed and built a bespoke set and stage, incorporating company and event specific branding. We then had the challenge of transporting it 1910 miles! Alongside the set, we also provided full technical support for each show.

“Working with 7IM on their ‘Back to Radical Common Sense’ roadshow has been a fantastic experience. Each conference was interesting, dynamic and informative. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with 7IM. I’ve definitely learnt a few things too!” Malcolm Hill, Event Manager for 7IM

We had an absolutely brilliant time with Seven Investment Management and it was such a pleasure to have the chance to produce an event such as this.

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