My apprenticeship at Sounds Commercial

March 5, 2019


Article by Connor Newson

I started my Sounds Commercial apprenticeship at the start of November 2018. As a Studio Apprentice, I help out on a variety of different projects in video production, graphic design and social media. I have already worked on amazing projects for big events, in particular the LMA (League Managers Association) at Wembley, Night of the Stars at the Marriott Bristol City Centre and many more. I am really enjoying my position here since it is both educational and exciting. Within the Studio department, we all work very closely to achieve our projects to high standards and ensure the client is happy with their final product. This ranges from motion graphics to print products. It is my job to help Kim and Rhien with Video Production and Graphic Design projects, and I have also been given the opportunity to train in Motion Graphics. Even though I haven’t worked here long, I have learnt about the Media Industry and certainly developed my skills after college.

My biggest achievement before starting the apprenticeship was at Cirencester College when I was awarded ‘Student of the Year’ in the Media Department. This was a great achievement for me, since I worked very hard in my second year at college – achieving Distinctions in every unit. This helped during my interview at Sounds Commercial, leading me to get the position over a total of of 19 applicants. I still see my tutors every Wednesday at my Apprenticeship Training sessions, which are also at Cirencester College. It is great catching up with them, and letting them know my current progress. I recently helped both of my tutors by producing a presentation to explain the benefits of finding an Apprenticeship after college. This was very effective hearing this information from me, since I was in their position 2 years ago.

Due to my passion for video production and graphic design, I usually work on evenings and weekends on my own projects. From music videos, to short films – I work very hard to develop my current skills and help others with the opportunity of having their own visual content. This ranges massively from projects in London, to just assisting a friend with their video production work. I enjoy associating myself with a wide range of people, which is also good from a business perspective.

I have developed my skills in Video Production and Graphic Design greatly during my Apprenticeship at Sounds Commercial, using high-end camera equipment and industry software & technology. I would definitely recommend taking an Apprenticeship for further education.


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