Tommy Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs UK – Tommy’s Story

March 5, 2019
Tommy Guide Dogs

Tommy Guide Dogs

Sounds Commercial have always loved having an office dog and when our first much loved dog Tommy passed away, we were really devastated. We decided to sponsor a guide dog in Tommy’s memory.

After arrangements were made with the amazing team at the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, we sponsored a new puppy we also named Tommy. He was born on 16th March 2016 and arrived on day one of his Guide Dog training course, an adorable, un-coordinated bundle of fluff.

We received regular progress reports from Tommy’s puppy walker and trainers over the next ten months and we were delighted to hear he was thriving, learning quickly and showing all the special skills needed to be able to be a first class guide dog.

We were invited to visit Tommy and it was amazing just how much progress had been made in his training. He was learning fast and was showing all the skills he would need to become a fully-fledged guide dog.

It was really lovely to be able to sponsor a new guide dog in Tommy’s memory and we know that someone will have this gorgeous dog for companionship and support for many years to come.
Although the first Tommy can never be replaced, it was fate that our new office dog Sky was born on the same date as Tommy’s birthday. So he was a little sign from Tommy and Sky fits in amazingly with the Sounds Commercial team and is loved by everyone in the office.

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