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Making The Events Industry More Sustainable

October 22, 2019
plastic bottles

In October we had the privilege to be involved in a conference ran by WWF which further opened our eyes to the global climate crisis we are facing. Magnificent species vanishing from our eco-systems, the air we breathe becoming more toxic and an increase in deadly weather changes – we all know the devastating consequences.

The events industry is notorious for being fairly unsustainable. From vehicle pollution, catering waste to single use plastic and print, we know there are ways our industry can be better. But what changes can we make? Here some examples we’ve seen in the industry to make events eco-friendlier.


Ditching the single use plastic

We’re seeing an increase in caterers ditching single use cutlery in favour for bamboo alternatives. Conferences and events are also getting rid of plastic water bottles, providing glasses and water fountains as well as offering incentives for delegates to bring their own reusable cup for hot drinks.

Reducing the freebies

How many expos have you been to leaving with a bag full of leaflets, plastic keyrings and branded pens that you’ll most likely never look at again? We’ve been there. As delegates ourselves we can show companies that we don’t require wasteful giveaways to get our attention by stopping taking them. As companies we can provide eco-friendly, useful freebies that won’t end up in landfill or scrap them all together.

Switching the food up

Sourcing local and organic food and drink supplies can be better for transportation emissions and also help support local businesses. For an event with Wildscreen last year, in keeping with their eco credentials, we sourced a fully plant based and vegan menu. With more of us taking up plant-based or flexitarian diets, altering your food options to more eco-friendly alternatives is sure to reduce your carbon footprint and meet the changing expectations of delegates.

Getting creative with your design

Events can often be material-intensive, especially in terms of set and stage design. Projection mapping is one alternative to producing one-off designs that may not be recyclable and can look just as effective if not more so. Opting for a printed banner that can be reused rather than leaflets that end up in landfill is also a small change that can be made. Get in touch with our print & design department to find out more about how we can make your next event more sustainable.

Considering your venue

Some venues will already have eco-friendly practices in place which is great. It’s also important to consider the location of your venue;  Are delegates having to travel far? Is there a good public transport option? Picking a venue with good public transport links, and recommending their usage in your event promotion, is a great way to reduce delegate carbon footprint on the day.


Whilst the constant news of the current climate crisis can be overwhelming, it’s never too late to start making positive changes. Do you know any other ways or examples of how the events industry can do our bit?

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