wide shot of the stage

Tech Mahindra – Annual Conference

October 24, 2019
wide shot of the stage

Tech Mahindra holds an exciting two-day conference every year and this year we had the honour to provide event management once again. This time held at the impressive Mercedes Benz World in Weybridge, delegates gathered for a jam-packed itinerary of guest speakers and industry news.

As an information technology company, we needed to create a set to reflect their innovative outlook. Unique for a conference, the set had ‘C’ and ‘D’ shaped sides and both sides faced outwards in a V shape to make for an inclusive conference feel. With a white set background, red lighting worked wonderfully to light up the room in the brands colours. Our set designer had lots of fun with this one, so thank you Tech Mahindra for allowing us to get creative!

Being an IT and tech conference, their on-screen content was detailed and needed to look the part. To accommodate this, we provided extra large wide format screens to ensure for the best quality display possible. Carefully placed around the conference room, delegates could see the presentation clearly and in full detail, allowing for interactivity.

This event wasn’t all work and no play for the delegates. We created a separate stage for a magician to perform and provided live camera relay of his magic so everyone could get involved!

We loved working on this event and the feedback was amazing, thanks again Tech Mahindra for allowing us to be part of it!

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